Monday, December 12, 2011

Not Your Mother's Sweater!

I just found this $758 sweater on Etsy, and I thought, "This is something my blog friends have to see!" It was made by Enlightened Platypus of Denver, Colorado. It's a custom order so you can't just click over there and buy it, but she has more. Look at that tail on the hood; it falls all the way to the floor. Doesn't this kind of remind you of the second quilt in yesterday's post? (P.S. My Mom and I wear the same kind of sweaters, Lands End, on sale too. Haha.)

This one is by Katwise, and she sells a tutorial so you can see how to make this. Aren't you curious? Maybe the method could be adapted to quilts. The gears are starting to turn!!


Kim said...

Oh wow! Amazing!
Yes, you and I are in the same Land's end shop...hey they sell cashmere too :0)!

Now where would I wear this in Pokeytown?

Happy Sewing

Char said...

I found this on Etsy last week. I thought it was so amazing I had to send it on to my daughter to checkout. Do you think it's heavy?

smazoochie said...

Oh my gosh!
Those are amazing! Thanks for sharing, I don't know if they would have ever have crossed my Internet path otherwise.