Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kawaii Style

I'm probably the last person to learn what "kawaii" is. In case you don't know, it's a Japanese word that started in the 1970's that means "cute" or "adorable." It embraces a childish style that is very popular with young women. Kawaii images are ubiquitous in Japan. The most popular is Hello Kitty. To read more, click here. Does anyone know how to pronounce it? Does it rhyme with Hawaii?

To read about the bear above, click here. It will make you smile. 


Susan Hank said...

Yes! It does rhyme with Hawaii!

Mickierae said...

You are not the last person to hear the work "kawaii". Your blog today is the first I heard of it but, of course, I had seen Hello Kitty. I just did not know there was a specific name for that type of creation.

Tina Craig said...

Two references to Kawaii in my blog list in 2 days. Here's another: http://www.littlebluebell.com/2012/11/cross-stitch-kawaii-winter-wonderland.html