Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Helen's Fabulous Met Men Quilt

"Met Men" is a metro/retro/modern quilt. It was made by my friend (and fellow Empire Quilters member) Helen Beall of Long Island. Here's what she says about the quilt:

I made this quilt for the NYC Metro Mod Quilter's challenge.  The only requirements were to interpret Metro anyway you wished and to try something new.  Since the materials in this quilt came from guys who rode the subway every day in their suits and ties, it fits my impression.  The back is a NYC subway map print from City Quilter, and the old subway tokens "tie" it all together.  This is my first wool, silk, and metal quilt!

Wonderful job, Helen! See more on her blog: Helen No Blog. (That name came about before Helen had a blog, of course.)


June Calender said...

I LIKE! -- and wonder where she found such a stash of old subway tokens.

Dar said...

What a clever title and quilt. I love how she used all those elements on one quilt. Very colorful too. Did she win any of the challenge prizes with her entry??

electricdunce said...

Wonderful, thanks for sharing this one.