Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Meet Artist Jill Buckley of Canada

Artist Jill Buckley of Canada was making this vest and decided to add selvages. She says the selvage edges turn a rather boring piece into something a bit more interesting. I think it looks terrific!
Doesn't Jill sound like Martina (in ysterday's post)? I don't think the vest or the blouse were "boring" to begin with, but I do like what they did with their selvages.
Jill is a retired designer/dressmaker so she has extensive skills for projects like this. Her vest is much fancier than the ones I make! Check out her blog at: http://www.thequiltrat.blogspot.com/.


Stephanie said...

Very stylish!

Greenmare said...

both those projects are super cute!!! I love the selvage additions.......... it's getting me thinking.........