Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wanted: Your Selvages in Exchange for Fabric

Sonya of Australia needs lots of selvages for some projects she's planning. She's even offering to send you an equal amount of fat quarters in exchange. Let's help her out.

For more information see Sonya's post on:
I'm looking forward to seeing what she makes with this batch of selvages!


Elena said...

What a great idea!! Wish I had thought of that first!!

Sonya said...

Hey Karen, thanks for spreading the word. All saved selvedge will be gratefully received, and I'll put up more posts about how I'm using them. I've taken a short sewing break recently - the temperature here is in the 40s Celcius at the moment, which is not good for sewing! - forecast says it may even get to 46 on Saturday, if we are unlucky. BIG bushfire danger here in Australia, and Saturday is looking like a bad one. Wish us luck. We used to get these heat waves once in a decade, but now they come along every year.Climate change is definitely with us, of that there is no doubt.