Monday, February 23, 2009

New Selvage Quilter: Kay Rindall

Kay Rindall of St. Paul, MN is well into her first selvage project. I love the faces on the selvage in the bottom photo; it's from the St. Jude's Hospital fabric line. I really like these blocks. The sashing in the blocks is nice and narrow, like the selvages.
I wonder how Kay will use these blocks in a quilt. Maybe she'll use a black and white striped sashing, or a selvage sashing, or maybe she'll set them on point! We'll see. Nice job, Kay!
About selvages, Kay says, "I already buy enough yardage to be sure I get the part of the selvage I want -- and when buying a FQ, I always open it to make sure it's from the printed selvage side. But I dread the day I find myself buying the fabric strictly because of the selvage!!"
If that happens, we're here for you, Kay. :)
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Elena said...

What wonderful blocks, Kay! Another quilter succumbs to the charm of selvages--hooray! (And Kay, I HAVE bought fabric just for the selvages--it's OK, I keep telling myself...)

Chris said...

What wonderful blocks! I love them, and think on point would be a stunning setting for these against a black background, then bordered in more lovely selvages.

Who knew that now quilters are looking a the selvages as much as the fabric it's self......great I will spend even longer in the fabric areas now. LOL

Brenda said...

it's a lovely quilt and a great idea. Congrats on the shout out about your book in the latest Quilter's Newsletter. I hope you see lots of copies.

Biddy22 said...

Buying more fabric, just so the clerk doesn't cut though something interesting on the selvage -- that becomes very common. Been there -- done that.
The next step is cutting wider and wider selvages from the fabric, before starting to cut the actual quilt project. More than once I've trimmed the selvage so wide that the remaining WOF is less than a pattern suggests. That's a really downer. Such is the life of a selvage hunter.

Brenda said...

oops, that should be "sell" lots of copies.