Monday, February 16, 2009

Zippered Selvage ipod Case

Lynne in New Hampshire just made her first selvage project, a little bag with 2 zippers. Here's her story:

"The bag is 7" x 10" and it is mainly for carrying around my iPod. This little bag is nifty. I can put the iPod in the front pocket, and my wallet and keys in the big pocket. It fits across my body, and the strap is long enough so I don't have to take it off if I have to go to the bathroom, for example. It's also light enough to wear under a coat. It's excellent for traveling, in that it's small enough to fit in a larger bag, and it protects my iPod. I can even turn it on and off without taking it out of the bag, so that's nice too."

Lynne blogged about it here: She took some photos during the process of making it that are very good. Nice job, Lynne!