Saturday, October 30, 2010

One More Day to Email a Photo for the Quilt Challenge

"If you were a quilt, what would you look like?"

Have you made a quilt in response to this challenge, or do have a quilt "that's really you?"

Email a photo to me today or tomorrow at Put "Challenge" in the email title. Include your name, the state or country where you live, the name of your quilt, and a few words about how you and your quilt are alike.

I'll post them here, and create an exhibit for the Online Quilt Museum too.

This should be interesting!
Today is Day 4 of the Blog Tour and we're visiting Jacquie Gering's fabulous blog: Tall Grass Prairie Studio. (You'll remember she made the mint green spider web quilt shown here.)
I made the quilts in the above illustration, but my entry isn't there. Stay tuned.

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