Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some Kind of Special Club?

This fabric isn't for just anyone! You must be a quitter. Hahaha. This fabric was purchased at JoAnn's by Molly Wiley from Roseburg, Oregon. Are they assuming nobody reads selvages? Nuh-uh! We notice this stuff! Thanks for the photo, Molly. visit Molly's blog.

I was once a member of the Cumberland Valley Quitter's Association in TN. I was told that the documents were misprinted, and no one ever fixed it. It's a wonderful guild and I miss them.


Sand and Sunshine said...

OMG, that's to funny! Oh I'd love a scrap of that for the salvage quilt (the one that is still in my head). I wonder if my local Joann's stocked any?

Anonymous said...

now that cracks me up. A selvage typo! Bwahahahahaha