Monday, April 1, 2013

Don't Get Fooled, It's April 1st!

 "Chain Gang" by Rosalie Gray won the Viewer's Choice Award for Humor at the Quilts Kingston (Ontario, Canada) Show in 2012. 

"Woof Meets Warhol" by Kelly Gallagher-Abbott of Jukebox quilts. There is a post about this quilt on Quilt Inspiration.

My Mom tries to fool me every April 1st. Some years she really gets me! This year I'm ready for her.


FabricFascination said...

My Mom is a prankster too. I haven't heard from her yet today, but I'm ready.

Quilteuse Forever said...

Love the quilt with the chain gang!
I was actually wondering if April 1st,our "poisson d'avril" (our Day with many jokes) was typically French or international : I have here the answer :-)
Katell, France

June Calender said...

Love both of them -- people have such great senses of humor!