Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Susan's Finished Top!

Susan finished her quilt top yesterday and here it is. She and her quilting buddies took this photo. They all loved the quilt, of course. Yayy, Susan! Nice work!

Can you guess how many scrappy rectangles there are in this quilt? 442! It sounds like a lot, but when I made mine, it didn't even take a noticeable bite out of my stash. 


Carol said...

Susan's quilt top looks wonderful! I have my center almost complete, and all the scraps are cut. Looks like it may be another snowy day so I'm looking forward to a day of stitching.

Carol said...

Oops - maybe my rectangles are not all cut. The pattern said to cut 220 and I did cut more than that - but not close to 442.

regan said...

This quilt is awesome! I love it! And yeah, why is it a huge scrappy quilt doesn't make a dent in the scrap bin??? It's like the scraps are like bunnies, and just keep multiplying when we're not looking! LOL

Unknown said...

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