Saturday, April 6, 2013

Vintage Quilts in Mississippi

I've been attracted to "low volume" modern quilts lately. Here's a vintage version of the quilt that I was thinking of making! Haha, "what's old is new again." 
These quilts are offered for sale on Etsy by Amanda Knox in Mississippi: Magnolia Avenue.

I like the way the maker of this circles quilt made the square blocks obvious. It has a soft translucent look which is very charming.

The maker of this quilt arranged some of the blocks in groups of 4. You can see some darker blocks to the right of the "6" sign. These quilts make me want to get right to my sewing machine!


regan said...

These are all so beautiful. I love the scrappiness of each one, and yet they are all soft, cozy and calm. Thanks for sharing!

Brenda said...

these are lovely. thanks for sharing them.

Unknown said...

I really like what I see, especially the circle pattern quilt. If you had to guess, what size is that block?
thank you for sharing that with us.

Helen said...

I love them all. They have a timeless look and would look great in any decor.

Selvage Quilter said...

Well, I would guess that the circle quilt is about 55" wide. But if you want to make one, just pick a size that you like. :)

electricdunce said...

Lovely stuff to look at, makes me want to head for my sewing machine too