Thursday, March 5, 2009

Love Those Selvage Cup Holders!

Take a look at what Bonnie made. Here's her story: "Hi, I am intrigued with any fabric that has writing on it and when I saw the results of your selvage uses and considered the possibilities, I was hooked. But with just a tiny little stash I ended up with a tiny little project. Paper cup holders!!! And I LOVE them. They are interlined with the reflective stuff for potholders and best of all...they work!!! In the pic they don't look the same size but they are!"
Bonnie lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario which is a 4 hour drive north of Duluth, Minnesota. It sounds like a nice quiet place!


Cindy said...

I am "sew" enjoying following your blog since I recently found you. The ideas that people come up with to use selvages is incredible. These cup holders would be an easy, quick way to use selvages, especially if you don't have many selvage edges in your stash.

Emily Herrick said...

I have been throwing away selvages for years! I didn't really want to, but I always asked "What am I going to do with these?", couldn't come up with anything, and threw them away. NEVER AGAIN!!! I will be saving my selvages from here on out and following your blog for creative and CUTE uses for my selvages. THANK YOU!

lydia.threads said...

What a fresh idea! I love the pillow and the cup holders.