Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award Goes to "Selvage Blog!"

Now it's my turn to nominate some of my favorite blogs. (In addition to all the fine blogs that have been featured here on the Selvage Blog, of course.) Take a look at these:

  1. The newest quilt blog out there, keep an eye on this one by a new mom who also writes a blog about kid's books.
  2. The name says it all. You'll love the color.

  3. The most delicious design and photography ever!
  4. "Miss Bee" This quilter in Iceland invites you into her home.

  5. This UK quilter's blog is loaded with fiberart inspiration.

  6. You'll love the charming quilts on this blog from Japan.
  7. Canadian design blog loaded with ideas.

  8. Stunning machine quilting!

  9. Follow this quilt artist's projects.

  10. A relatively new blog, this one from Singapore is off to a great start!

  11. Pennsylvania quilter shares her quilts, recipes, observes nature; this blog is so relaxing.


Millie said...

Wow! Thanks so very much for including me in this group!

Sharyn said...

link #2 has an extra h and won't complete as shown.

You always visit the most interesting places...thanks for sharing, Sharyn/KalamaQuilts

Biddy22 said...

You have such diverse & unique blog recommendations, Karen. Thanks for the suggestions. I've already marked a couple to visit frequently. I'm a new blogger but we exchanged messages months and months ago. I'm Vivian in Iowa (the flood). The variety of selvage projects people have sent to you is mind boggling. You jump started some GREAT FUN!

stufenzumgericht said...

Congratulations, Karen!!! When you visit my blog and have a look at the post from the 28.02.09, you'll realize, that you've got the "Blogging Friend"-Award from me! Have fun!!!

naoko said...

Hello Karen,
Thank you for choosing me!! I'm happy. Your Selvege quilts is very fun,I will try to make somthing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Karen!! Appreciate the award! Will share the love on...

Happy Selvaging, Carla