Friday, March 27, 2009

JoAnne's Tote Bag

JoAnne of Keller, Texas made this pretty tote and she has some good advice:
"I made my binding a bit wider than usual and used my zipper foot to sew the sides seams. Then I hand sewed the binding down as usual. I only had about an inch or so to handsew at the top of each side seam. I machine stitched my handles on also."
Nice job, JoAnne! I wish I had thought of using a zipper foot. It makes the bag stronger, and it's easier on the hands too!
To see the tutorial for this bag that appeared here a while back, visit:
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Stephanie said...

Love it! Especially the diagonal bit on the corner.

Cindy said...

I'm so glad you shared this tote. I just love it.

And, I clicked on your tote as well, Karen...very impressive. I see you bound your edges, both sides and top. I like this idea - nice finishing touch. I love to make purses/totes so this is definitely on my "Selvage List".

JoAnne said...

Thanks, Karen, for featuring my bag and blog today. Looks like you improved on my photography - it looks much better on your blog than mine! Maybe I need some more lessons on photography.

Nanci said...

Unbelievable what quilters do! I love that bag. So clever.
I must have a ton of those selvages. Gotta find em!

Sherrill said...

Ooo, I've actually seen JoAnne's bag IN PERSON and examined it up close! It's a BEAUTY and she did a great job. Now I gotta have one!