Friday, March 20, 2009

A Very Creative Life

Heather Bailey's daughter Charlotte asked for a hair-do that no one has ever seen before! This is what she got. I really love it.
Heather is a fabulous fabric designer, and one of the most creative people I know of. Check out her blog post about this hair-do:
Happy first day of spring! It's 8:30am in New York and it's snowing hard! Big fluffy flakes. I hope it doesn't last long. Today we (Empire Quilters) will set up our quilt show at the Fashion Institute in Manhattan. The show title is Urban Inspirations. Please come and say hi if you are in the area on Saturday or Sunday. I'll be wearing my selvage vest so you can find me. The Red Zinger and Fan Quilt (shown in the sidebar) will be on exhibit at the show. My mini quilt cabinets and colorful pin-cushions will be for sale in the Boutique. I'll let you know how it goes. For more details visit: Click on "2009 Show" in the sidebar.
Greetings to "Artful Blogging."


Cindy said...

Happy Spring to you as well, Karen.

Oh, how I like this fun hairdo. When our girls were little, they NEVER went anywhere without their hair properly done -and I'm so thankful that our own daughter has adopted this with her daughter.

Maybe somehow I have missed your selvage vest but I would really like to see a photo of it if you have the time soon (or direct me to a place on your blog that has the photo). (I'll go take another look to see if I can locate it.)

Enjoy what sounds to be a fun-packed weekend a the Quilt Show. Wish I were attending.

Anonymous said...

overhere we have a bright and sunny first day of spring
maybe I should send you some, ;o)))

and the show, would love to come, but ....... I have to wait till june

Cindi said...

Cute hairstyle! When I first looked at it...I thought it had selvages tied in it!