Monday, April 8, 2013

New Architextures Fabric

I've been on the lookout for interesting "low volume" (light colored) fabrics, so I was pretty excited to find this new fabric by Robert Kaufman, one of the "Architextures" collection designed by Carolyn Friedlander. And take a look at the selvage in the photo below. I think that funny shape represents a tree (from above) on a landscape plan. 


Jean(ie) said...

I just bought two yards of the stuff last week. Love it! It's a great low volume pick!

Sand and Sunshine said...

You're completely right about the tree symbol we used that all the time back in my surveying draftsman days.

Joan said...

I'm a bookkeeper by profession, so I had to buy some of the ledger fabric, having learned my trade with paper and pencil in the pre-computer age. The accountant who helps me out is getting married soon, so I'll make her an apron and then have all the lovely scraps for myself.