Friday, May 10, 2013

Improvisational Quilts

1. Any exhibit of improv quilts has to start with a Gees Bend quilt. This one is from the Mattress Factory.

2. Bold quilt from the TINWOOD Media site.

3. Gee's Bend quilt from a postcard image on Zazzle.

4. "Hands" by Sarah Taylor from PC World.

5. Soft colors  from Stitch DC Blog.

6. Another Gee's Bend quilt; this image is from Design Squish.

Which one do you like best? I think my favorite is #6. I like the wandering triangles and the busy 1960's style prints.

Happy quilting!


Mego said...

I love #1 and there is just something about #4!

Nifty Quilts said...

Wonderful show! I'd never seen #1 before. Love it. Number 6 is also my favorite, but not an easy choice!

Kim said...

I like them all but number 3 looks like what I think of when I think
Gee's Bend quilts. It was wonderful getting to sew with China and Mary Ann Pettway in Alabama last year...or was it the year before?

Wonderful quilts in your mini quilt show!

Happy Mother's Day Karen and Happy Sewing

June Calender said...

I think #3 is my favorite -- it's so in-you-face about not being perfectly square. Oh, how I can relate to that! Plus the colors are bold -- I think it must reflect a lot of the personality of the quilter.

janequiltsslowly said...

I really like #6 but they are all so amazing. It helps to look at beautiful quilts like this every so often to remember that perfection does not equal beauty.