Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Selvage Tulips from Australia!

These cheerful tulips were made by Erica Spinks of Australia. They remind me of crocuses a little bit, maybe because of the pastel colors. I like how she arranged the tulips into the foursome in the center photo. The tulip on the pink background was stretched over a canvas.

Erica says that "text is made up of simple shapes that don't have to be read, they just add visual interest to the piece." She is intrigued that some people are uncomfortable with the fact that the words read upside down on that tulip.

Read more about Erica on her blog: http://www.creativedabbling.blogspot.com/.

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Elena said...

Your tulips are fantastic, Erica! When I first started "selvedging", I too was upset when the selvedges were upside down, but then realized that some companies print with their wording facing out and some with it facing in. So that totally freed me of all selvedge inhibitions!!