Monday, October 27, 2008

"That's Close Enough...I guess!"

Someone was having a hard day at work when they printed this fabric, or I should say, "tried to print this fabric." These color windows and registration marks are all over the place! Do you think it was a machine malfunction or a three-martini lunch?

This great photo is from Brenda in Manitoba, Canada. You recently saw her house blocks with words on them. Visit her blog at: She is one creative lady!


Elena said...

Wow, that's a Marcus Brothers fabric! Definitely a 3 martini lunch going on there! On Brenda's blog, she mentions that working with selvedges is "fun, edgy work"--how punny is that! (No offense--I live for puns.)

Carrie P. said...

That is so funny. That definitely needs to go into some project.