Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Free Pattern for Fabulous Selvage Bag!

Take a look at this fabulous bag my Marijke Mill from Idaho (originally from the Netherlands). Pronounce her name: Ma-RYE-ka. She has a free pattern for it too. I like the soft scrunchy look, the little flower with the covered button center, the light color, and the outside pocket for my phone. There's a lot to like about this bag!
You're going to enjoy Marijke's site: http://crystelleboutique.com/. She has an Etsy shop too, called Potato Boutique. Very creative!


Anonymous said...

thanks for showing, i love it!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog because of Victoria of SillyBooDilly.
It is wonderful and your work and all the other folks you showcase is just fabulous! Even a non quilter like me gets inspired to think, just maybe I could make that!!! Corrine

Crystelle said...

Thank you so much for posting these pictures of my bag and saying such nice things about my me!1
You are so kind!

I've had TONS of visitors to my website to day, thanks to you!
You're the best!


AdinB said...

I love this bag. I love how interesting it looks. I would love to have a bag like this. :) Thanks for sharing!