Thursday, June 17, 2010

Selvage Quilt from the UK

Shirley Sherratt from Taunton, Somerset, UK just finished this beautiful selvage quilt that she calls "Gleanings." It measures 65" x 65." She used only what she had in her stash, as well as gleanings from the selvage stash of her friend Val.

This reminds me a little bit of Linda Robertus' quilt with the narrow red sashing, but they both have different styles too. Shirley posted about it on her blog:
I love this one! Now I have to add it to the selvage quilt Exhibit at too (Page 9 of the exhibit photos).


Shirley said...

Thank you Karen, it is such a thrill seeing my quilt here on your blog. I also have to thank the many others of my friends for giving me their gleanings too. I loved making it, it is a fantastic concept.

Jackie said...

This is a wonderfully gorgeous quilt! That is a ton of selvages too!

Darlee Byron said...

This is really beautiful. I seem to find new ways to use up my selvages. Will need another way before I'm ever ready for a big project.

Melinda said...

Love this quilt - very inspiring.