Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meet Chelo from Spain!

Chelo from Madrid, Spain made this beautiful collection of selvagey items: a rotary cutter case, a small sewing case, a bag for larger items, and a cushion for one of her porch chairs. She's going to make more cushions for her chairs, and she has five!
Can you imagine if Chelo from Spain, Jill from New Jersey, and Jodie from Ballarat (Australia) were neighbors? No, I can't either! All together they've made upholstered chairs, window cornices, dresses, and lots more, all with selvages. I guess that's why God spread them out around the world.


Jill said...

Beautiful creations!

Makes me think I need to make some selvage pillows for my room o' selvages!

What a great suprise to be mentioned!

What a wonderful selvage neighborhood that would be!!

beatriz said...
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