Monday, June 21, 2010

Quilt Along - Asterisk Quilt (Part 3) - Finishing

Have you been following the "Asterisk" Quilt-Along? This is the third (and final) Monday installment. If you want to see everyone's blocks on flickr, click here. (Be sure to click on "More" to see them all.)

To make the "piano key" border, cut a pile of strips 1" x 4+" long. I cut them about 4 1/2" long as I'm making the quilt, and keep them in a pile for the border. Sew them in a long row. Press.

Trim to 4" wide (below). Piece these lengths together as needed for the border (see bottom photo).

The three blocks above represent the quilt top.

  1. When all your blocks are sewn together, make an inner border using 1" strips. I chose red because it is neither dark nor light, and I like it.
  2. Now attach your piano key strips to fit along the right and left sides of the quilt. Then attach piano key lengths to the top and bottom of your quilt top.
  3. Finally, add another 1" border.

The quilt shown in the first photo was machine quilted with parallel horizontal wavy lines. That is my "specialty." I just try to keep it simple so I don't ruin my quilt tops! I'm sure you'll blow me away with awesome quilting on your quilts. I can't wait to see them and put the photos in an up-coming Exhibit at

Please email your photos to by Sept 1. Thanks! (Include your name the way you want it listed, where you're from, and the name of your quilt.)

So, did you think this quilt was easy? Was it fun? Is it on your "To Make" list?


Sujata Shah said...

I thought for sure I was going to be able to quilt along but, the graduation and traveling came in the way. I hope to make this quilt during this summer.
I love the solids version. I think I am going to do a mix of prints with solids and see how it turns out!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Nancy said...

It is on my to make list but somehow that list just keeps getting longer and longer. Oh, my!

NeverBored said...

I have been making my blocks in between my exercise sets and have 12 blocks done, and can't wait to do more. Motivation to do my exercises! Mine is a scrap quilt and I love watching the design board fill with these colorful blocks. They got easier the more I made and I've already got ideas for the next quilt = a variation on the asterik design. Thanks for the pattern and the quilt-a-long! It got me going instead of thinking "someday I'm going to make that quilt".

Selvage Quilter said...

Wow! That's a new angle: quilting as a reward for exercise. Great idea.
I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt, and the variation that you're thinking of.

Kelly Cline said...

I made one block and really loved it and then came harvest. Hope to get back to it next week!!

mg said...

I have been trying to send an email to you at your email but it hasn"t gone through. I get the error message: "Remote host said: 550 Mailbox quota exceeded"
Do you have another email I can use? I'm trying to send some photos from a slevage class I gave in Abilene, KS. Thanks, Marcus

Mary said...

I LOVE the asterisk quilt. It is definitely on my "to make" list. I was in the middle of some deadline projects and couldn't do the quilt along, but plan to get this quilt started in the next week. Love your blog and enjoy it every day!

Quilt Station said...

Hi Karen, our group had a super day yesterday making our Asterisk Blocks. Thank you for your fantastic blog and your ideas. If you want to see what our blocks look like (we're 'Down Under') here's the group's blog address
Thanks again,cheers Margaret