Saturday, July 14, 2012

Felt Slippers from Lithuania!

Haha! How could you not feel warm and happy wearing these fairy slippers
They are Size 6, $65, from Zavinta in Lithuania.

Aww, a mouse-eared baby hat too. Only $32, but you don't get the baby. Too bad. 
See Zavinta's gorgeous Etsy shop here.


June Calender said...

What cute pictures! Too bad I don't wear size six slippers.

Nedra said...

Those are the cutest slippers! Very imaginative!

┼Żavinta said...

Thank you Karen for featuring my works on your blog.


Neeta Patel said...

Hay cute and different thing this is, I am always like to buy designer footwear. This is totally different from common shoes. I want to know about new designs in slippers for men, I never seen creative patent in slippers.