Monday, July 2, 2012

Vermont Quilt Festival Was Inspirational!

This is "New Beginnings" by Kathryn Tennyson of Chestertown, NY. Longarm machine quilted by Heidi Merrill. Kathryn made this quilt for her son who was recently divorced, to inspire him to begin a new life. This magnificent applique quilt won Second Place. It was worth the 5 hour trip just to see this quilt!

Here are two more prize-winning quilts: "Hunter Star Variation in Red" by Mara Novak of Chester, VT (at right). You can see three ribbons on this quilt, below. And notice that! 
The silk applique quilt on the left was made by Christine Wickert. She's in the photo, wearing the green shirt.
(Thanks to quilter Barb Vedder for this info.)

Notice the English/French sign on the right? Essex Junction, Vermont is very close to Canada which has a large French speaking population.

This fabulous quilt (above) is "Dear Lucille" by Lucille Laporte of Ste. Adele, QC. This is hand quilted. I like the sepia-tint look of this amazingly detailed quilt.

This light green quilt is "Crop Circle: Woolstone Hill" by Joanne Shapp of North Pomfret, VT. The design is based on a 300' wide crop circle in England, August 2005. 

More quilts tomorrow. Bye for now.


Das Quiltmonster said...

Thanks for the pics: the quilts are so wonderful!!! I'm looking forward for more!!
Greetings from Germany!!

WoolenSails said...

Really beautiful quilts, looks like they had some wonderful quilters participating in the show.


Anonymous said...

The quilts are beautiful. I wish I had been at this one.

Nedra said...

Oh, my, those are fabulous. Great show!

June Calender said...

I assume it was mainly a show of traditional pieced quilts, or perhaps you'll show us other types tomorrow. They are all very lovely.

Jocelyn said...

Wow! Beautiful!!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Thanks for sharing!!


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Thanks for sharing!!


Jeanne said...

Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing.

Di said...

Thank you for showing us all those gorgeous quilts, Karen. I was specially touched my Kathryn's beautiful work. What a hugely heartwarming gift from a mum to her son - a real testament to her love for him. I hope it eased his pain and helped him to start again.

Shirley said...

What beautiful quilts and how inspiring. Would never have thought of looking at crop circles in a quilty way.

Barb said...

The silk applique quilt was made by Christine Wickert, she is in the photo in the green outfit :)