Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Quilts from the Vermont Quilt Festival

Look at this wonderful quilt by Barb Vedder! She's a quilter and blogger from Ridgewood, New Jersey, and she's a member of my Empire quilt guild in New York City. She made this quilt "Mother's Garden" in memory of her mother, Catherine Bednar Clarkson, for the 20-year anniversary of her passing.
The quote at the top is from The Color Purple by Alice Walker. This is hand quilted.

I love the colors and designs in this quilt. The workmanship is stunning. That's why I kept taking pictures!

Below, see "Magnolia" by Sue Spargo who was born in Zambia and now lives in Ohio. You can see more of her quilts on her blog. I like how she combines fine workmanship with cheerful improvisation.

Take a look at the beautiful quilting too! Nice job.


Anonymous said...

Barb would have to me my all time favorite quilter as she puts so much thought in to her quilts from start to finish, I really admire her work.

Linda said...

Amazing quilts!

Barb said...

HI Karen!
I wish I had seen you at the show, it's been ages!
Thanks for your compliments, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the quilt.

WoolenSails said...

I enjoy seeing the quilts and close ups, and also nice to know the quilters and their inspiration.


Kim said...

Nothing takes the place of fine workmanship, not color or design or pattern. I so admire the dedication it takes to complete such a beautifully made quilt.

Happy Sewing