Monday, September 28, 2009

More Selvage Bags from Fernanda in Portugal

Today we're looking at more creative selvage bags by Fernanda Gomes of Portugal. Above and below, she uses selvages and ribbons sparingly to add little messages and design flair.

I have a warm place in my heart for "Dick, Jane and Sally" (see the fabric on the left in the photo below) because I learned to read using that series of books. Somehow, reading "Run, run, run." wasn't boring, it was reassuring. :) I like the little cartoons on the pink background too.

Using selvages this way is so clever. I like the light and airy look she has created. And look at those handles!

Having a small selvage stash is no longer a reason not to make a selvage bag.

Wonderful job, Fernanda! Thank you for all the inspiration. It makes me want to head to my sewing machine right now.

Remember, you can see her blog at:
Greetings and hugs to all our visitors from Portugal today!


Joy V said...

What a great way to use your selvages,especially when one doesn;t have a lot.

Owl_mania said...

thanks againkaren! :)

mariazinha said...

a really creative girl, for sure!

Anonymous said...

I love these bags :D

Bonniedoo said...

Karen...thank you for posting all that you do..every bit is inspiring to fact I go to your blog first thing when I go online to read blogs. Fernanda's selvage bags are great.

Elsa Fernandes said...

:)) Parabéns! Congratulations for the great job!

Annette F. Tait said...

Fernanda has such a beautiful style - I love it! so clean and simple and fresh and the bags are a great way to show this.
thanks Karen for showing her work here!

Wicca said...

She had a briliant idea to use the "waste" part of fabric, and that's wonderfull!!!

Reuse and recycle!

Parabéns F

Owl_mania said...

Thanks to all! :))