Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ann Marie's Red Zinger Wins at Oregon State Fair

Ann Marie of Oregon won a red ribbon at the Oregon State Fair for her Red Zinger selvage quilt! And she won a Viewer's Choice blue ribbon too, Yayyy!
The judge's comments read: "Nice binding technique / what a fabric collector / points should all match." :) This one is definitely a winner!
Nice job, Ann Marie! See her blog at: She also likes to hike with her family and you can see some breath-taking photos of the Northwest on her blog in addition to some great quilts.


Joy V said...

What a fabulous quilt. As for the comment about 'matching points' - I thought that was the charm of using selvages!!!!!

Sue said...

Ann Marie and I are in the same guild and ALL of her quilts are amazing! Check out her blog to see her Cartwheels selvage quilt. I have a couple of her Boy Scout quilts in the photo gallery on my website and people love them.

AnnMarie said...

My dear Karen, it was your brain that came up with such a fabulous quilt and only my humble stitches that created such a duplicate. Thanks!!!