Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Blue Hawaiian" Elvis Quilt Featured in Show

Barb Freese of Davenport, Iowa is a prolific selvage quilter and retired art teacher. Her beautiful quilt "Blue Hawaiian" was featured in the Quad City Times in their write up about the quilt exhibit at the Quad City Botanical Center. There were 57 quilts in the exhibit by members of the Mississippi Valley Quilter's Guild. I think it's great that they chose her selvage quilt to feature in the article.

Barb's New Year's resolution was to buy only fabrics that have Elvis in them. She puts him in all of her quilts. (I guess she'd have to!) I like all the polka dot fabrics in the quilt above.

ADVICE FROM BARB: Sew real close to the finished edge of your selvages if you plan to machine quilt. Otherwise you get that little flap going in all directions. Good idea.


Unknown said...

I didn't know that there was so much Elvis fabric out there! She did a great job on the quilt!

Robin Quilts, etc. said...

Love, love, love the Elvis quilt. My daughter is a huge Elvis fan so she has her very own Elvis quilt but not as fabulous as this.

Jenny said...

I fell in love with Elvis way back then..... I was a young girl and his song "Love me Tender" just went right to my heart. the quilt, great work

Stephanie Soebbing said...

I'm a member of the Mississippi Valley Quilter's Guild and I work at the Quad-City Times with the reporter who did the story. It's great to see a local quilter featured on here.