Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Welcome to my office.

Well, not exactly. This is also the Main Reading Room of the Nashville Public Library. Isn't it beautiful? While visiting one of my sons in Nashville I spent some time on my computer here. That's the Selvage Blog on my screen. It's so uplifting to work in an elegant environment like this.

But Starbucks has it's advantages too. Where do you like to hang out when away from home? By the way, did you know Panera has free Internet access? Good deal.

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Stephanie said...

I love libraries! Gorgeous place to hang out. We have a Panera close by and it appears people enjoy the free internet service. I am a "no lap top" kind of gal. I can't seem to work that fingerpad mouse and oh the screen is too small.

Joan said...

I'm with Stephanie. Give me a big screen and a hand-held mouse any day! My son lived in Nashville for a year and I went there many times, but never to the library, I'm sad to say. Next time. Nashville is less than five hours from Atlanta.

Selvage Quilter said...

My photo of the Reading Room should have included more. The two long walls have big columns with a dreamy blue background. It is beautiful. Joan, it's worth a trip there.

Anonymous said...

I usually go to the Panera shop since you can get something to eat, drink as well as get online.


Jacqui's Quilts said...

Wow, what a lovely place to work!! When I'm out and about, I head to Tim Horton's (Canadian coffee shop) :-). Great discovering your blog on selvages!! I can never remember how to spell that work LOL. I've been saving them for awhile, but haven't actually done anything with them. I've been giving them to a friend. Who knows what I'll do someday!!

Thanks for the inspiration.
Jacqui in Canada

SewLindAnn said...

I do love libraries, I need to go to the New York library at least once in my life. When I'm away I like to wander thru park areas and have lunch on a bench. So relaxing with no housework to do when you're away.

Anonymous said...

You're in town? I'm home for once!


judy said...

Did you get to see our friend??? Have fun.

Selvage Quilter said...

Judy - No I didn't see Rhonda this time. It was more work than play. Next time definitely!

To all: When you move a lot, you find friends of friends here and there and it's really nice.

Of course if you don't move, you have all your friends in one place which is good too!!