Friday, November 27, 2009

Join Me at Harney & Sons Tea Shop

Doesn't this look inviting? My husband and I took a ride to Millerton, NY to visit the home of Harney & Sons. There is a tea tasting room (below) where you can sample some of their 200+ varieties including black teas, Oolongs, Darjeelings, Assams, Ceylons, Japanese and Chinese green teas, blends, and flavored teas. The staff is very friendly and they make this experience fun.

Regular readers will remember the photo of the tea harvester in Assam wearing the colorful turban that had the selvage showing. So, I was curious about Assam teas. One of the Harney tea people recommended that I try one of their new teas "Mangalam," and it was so delicious. You could taste a hint of honey flavor in this brisk black tea. I bought some Brigitte's Blend. ("Like her, this blend is perfect in many situations" according to the brochure.)
There is also a cafe (above, and the photo at the top of this post), and a store (shown below). If you live in the area or plan to visit, I recommend a stop here. For more info visit: or call 1-800-TEA-TIME for a catalog.

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Stephanie said...

How I'd love to visit in person. Instead I've ordered from them on-line many times. That new tea sounds delicious.

JenTea said...

Thanks for the kind words. I will pass t hem onto my wife and children that run the shop.

Best Regard - Mike Harney

Tea Room said...

For anyone in the four-state area (NY - CT - NJ - MA), I urge you to visit. Make a day trip of it; the scenery along the way is quite nice from any direction. Being in the Harney shop is a "taste" of tea heaven that you will not soon forget.

(Stephanie, Harney is the source for mine and my DH's favourite Assam teas.)

Thank you for a wonderful post that brought back delicious memories!

- Janis @
(former New Yorker, now in the Southlands)

# # # #

Jackie said...

My sister in law lives close by Harney and Sons. I have always wanted to stop in when we are on our way from CT to her home in NY, but unfortunately they are either not open when we go through or we are under a time constraint. Someday, I intend to stop by an visit for a while. I just love their tea.

Barb said...

what a wonderful shop. Thanks for taking us on a cyber field trip.
I love assam tea, have only had twinnings so far.