Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Got Fleece Selvages?

Susan McConnell in Wellsboro, PA found a use for her fleece selvages:

"Have you ever noticed how your fleece jammie pants attract every thread and pet hair within a 50 yard radius? Fleece is the logical material for dust mops, not those flimsy "specially treated" disposable dust cloths. This cover only took minutes to make and the rolled edges of the selvages are perfect for picking up and trapping those unruly dust bunnies! When you are finished cleaning the cover goes right into the washer and dryer and can be used over and over!"
You can read the whole post on her blog at:
Debbie in Jerusalem alerted me to this post! What a small world we quilters live in these days! Check out Debbie's blog at: http://debbiesfiberwork.blogspot.com/
I need one of these mops - a big one. And one for the quilt studio alone! The house we're building has all wood floors (not very forgiving when it comes to dust).


Mary said...

Wow - what a great idea. My house has tile throughout most of it and wood in the bedrooms. I could definitely use this idea. I use a similar mop that has a microfiber cover, but I think the fleece with the selvage "grooves" will do a much better job. Thanks!

Akiko said...

That is so cool and neat idea!!

JoAnne said...

You can use any fleece scraps, they work well too. I have only one suggestion, give them a good shake over the trash can before you put them into the washer. It helps keep all that stuff out of your plumbing.

Karen said...

Sweet idea! Thanks for sharing it!