Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Postcard from Cozy Quilter

This is Cozy Quilter's first selvage project. She made it for a quilted post card exchange that her guild does every month. If you put a post card in the "mailbox" at the guild meeting, you will receive a post card made by someone else about a week after the meeting. She has quite a collection of postcards made by other members of the guild.

I really like the rabbit on this card, and see the "Rabbit Factory" selvage below it? I think someone will be delighted to receive this one!

See Cozy Quilter's blog at:
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Fiesta said...

cute and creative.

Anya said...

How cute! And what a great idea about a postcard exchange.

Carrie P. said...

Very cute. What a fun idea for the guild.

The Rabbit Factory said...

Love, love, love the postcard!
Perfectly perfect!