Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Selvage Shopping Tote

Here's the latest from artist/quilter Lynne, of the Patchery Menagerie blog:
"I love tote bags. I've been using reusable canvas grocery bags for 17 years, but many stores now accept a bag you bring in, so I decided to make myself a shopping bag. Many of these new bags have a small loop on one side so the checkout person can keep the bag open. For general shopping, a big grocery-sized bag is too big, so this one is smaller and, of course, made from selvages."
Very cool, Lynne! I love how you arranged the colors, and put black and white at the top. This is so pretty; I think I would even remember to take it with me on shopping trips!
Be sure to visit Lynne's blog to see more about this bag, (including the giant polka dots on the inside) at: http://patcherymenagerie.blogspot.com/2009/03/shopping-bag-how-to.html. She has 2 posts on this bag, so be sure to see them both!