Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Selvage Quilt by Ann Marie Cowley

Here is yet another beautiful selvage quilt by prolific quilter Ann Marie Cowley of Hillsboro, Oregon. Ann Marie also hikes with her family, participates in Boy Scout activities, and much more. See her blog: How does she do it all you ask? Here's part of the answer: multi-tasking. She sewed the binding while riding in the car!

I love this quilt. It has such a profusion of selvages. It would be fun to browse through all these blocks. I bet we'd recognize many of those fabrics, don't you think?



That is just unbelievable. All those selvages!! Either she buys tons of fabric or she's really great friends with her local quilt shop. It's just beautiful.

Cindy said...

Absolutely STUNNING quilt.