Saturday, October 31, 2009

LED Eyelashes!

Can you believe it? LED eyelashes from Korea! This is from Toxel:
"Designed by Soomi Park, futuristic LED Eyelashes look like something you would see in a science fiction movie.
The sensor inside the eyelashes can perceive the movements of the pupil in the eyes and eyelids. When the movement is detected, the LEDs flicker."

These would give me such a headache! But I thought you should see it. For more photos, visit:


Joan said...

Yesterday I saw a cashier at WallyWorld wearing false eyelashes with tiny gold beads at the tips. I thought those would drive me crazy, but these LED ones could accomplish the same thing in half the time.

stufenzumgericht said...

Can't imagine, that this is good for our eyes - but for Halloween, it might go ;-)
Have a nice weekend!
Hugs from Martina

Jodie said...

What on earth would it look like for the would send me migraine hell in about 2 minutes...