Saturday, October 3, 2009

Short Arm Quilting Machine

"Can't afford a long arm quilting machine? Want that hand quilted look without spending all the time? The short-arm QUILTER is for you. This machine can hand quilt a king size quilt in minutes at over 3.5 sps (stitches per second).

Adjustable built in stitch regulator determines the stitch length. Choose from these 5 settings:
Import . . . 2 stitches per inch
10ft test . . 6 stitches per inch
Grandma. . 8 stitches per inch
Amish . . . 12 stitches per inch
Husband . . Inconsistant"

This was on Quilter's Warehouse, April Fool's Day 2008. Here is the link:

Thank you to Highway Cottage for telling us about this. Her blog is:


Linda said...

Love this, Karen! (giggling) You come up with the most unusual stuff. Thanks!

Chris Dahl said...

That is hilarious ! ROFL


alan said...

I LOVE it! Wonderful job and great tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing

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