Friday, October 30, 2009

Quilter from the Badlands in North Dakota

Here's what Karen, a new quilter, has to say about her part of the world:
"I live in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota but my blog is badlandsquilts because I grew up on a farm in southwestern North Dakota near the Badlands. I'm attaching two photos that were taken this year over the 4th of July weekend... the first shows my parents farm from quite a distance away and the second photo was taken in one of fields with wildflower in the foreground and the Rainy Buttes (Second highest buttes in ND) in the background. Both pictures I think are very accurate in capturing the peaceful beauty of this very rural area."

Karen's first selvage creation was a big label for this quilt (above). She added selvages to some leftover blocks, writing her name and the date along the bottom. Clever.
The beautiful landscapes above are near the Badlands. To see the appropriately named Badlands, visit Karen's blog at: It's scenic, but really bad if you're traveling cross-country on foot!


Susan said...

A selvage label, what a cute idea, Karen! I'd steal that idea if the Konas I just used HAD any printed selvages, lol.

Love your wide open spaces! I bet you get the greatest sunsets.

Anonymous said...

Absolutley clever!

How are you liking CT? Did you get a chance to enjoy the fall colors?

Selvage Quilter said...

I guess this post was a little confusing because Karen (from the Badlands) and I have the same name.

Lois, I am really liking living in Connecticut. The fall colors were gorgeous. As I look out my window, I'd say we are past our peak. The rust colored oaks are still hanging on, as are the yellow birches, but the blazing red maples are gone.

The best part of living here was being able to meet my Mom and sister for lunch yesterday, just a 20 minute drive.

Thanks for asking. I do miss TN sometimes, though!


Vals Quilting said...

that turned out so cute - I think I'm going to start saving mine...
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