Wednesday, July 29, 2009

200 Crocheted Granny Squares in a Month!

What do you do when you are stressed, or have a long ride in the car, or have to sit in waiting rooms, or get to go on vacation and watch action movies with the men in your family? Needlework of some kind, of course! I was stressed 5 weeks ago so I went to Michaels and bought 9 different colors plus dark brown for the borders. And two Size "G" crochet hooks. Always get a back-up hook! 200 blocks later, I'm not stressed any more. And we had a blast in Oregon, as you all know. Now I hope to attach all these blocks into a nice warm afghan.
My mother and her mother taught me how to make these "Granny Squares" a long time ago. How cool is that? I remember using the blankets they made, so this brings back nice memories.
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Joanne said...

They look fantastic!

kwiltmakr said...

Those are so nice, love the colors and how you made them look like quilt blocks. My mom taught me to crochet too.

rattie4fun said...

Oh my! How Pretty is that? My Aunt made one similar to yours for my mother. And just last year my mother gave it to me. I love it - plus it brings back wonderful memories. Seeing yours makes me consider buying yarn and hooks - maybe even teach my daughter if I can remember how.


Vivian said...

Oh, the memories of granny squares. My first crafty project as a newlywed was a crocheted turquoise/white table cover made with granny squares. I may have to find my crochet hooks and re-teach myself. I remember it as being so relaxing.
We just can't sit still and do nothing, can we! (me too)

swissquilter said...

Karen, these granny squares are reminding me of my childhood when I have crocheted these things forward and backwards!

Quilter said...

Wow they are seriously amazing! I would love someone to teach me how to make those! Sam xox