Sunday, July 12, 2009

Latimer - Part 2

One room is full of weaving looms, both big and small. You can see a demonstration of the weaving process there. Isn't that a nice painted floor? It looks like they spin wool now and then also. If I lived around here, I'd drop in often and learn how to spin.

They have a nice collection of feedsacks in a glass display case (below). I didn't know feedsacks were so pretty; I thought they said "Acme Feed Company" and stuff like that on them.

This pretty quilt is on display there, but there was no sign telling who the creative quilter was. Nice job on all these butterflies, don't you think?

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Sharyn said...

The beach loop is one of my favorite artist date trips~ Thanks for sharing yours. Sharyn

kwiltmakr said...

Thanks for the tour.

Anonymous said...

What a fascinating place! Thanks for sharing. :)

That butterfly quilt is beautiful -- it looks almost kaleidoscopic! Are the wing parts 'fussy cut?' I'd love to see it in person ... will have to add this as a destination for some trip.

:) Linda

Jean said...

Thanks for the visit for those of us who can't go there!