Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Selvagey Rabbit from Annette in Scotland

I received a delightful note today from Annette Tait of Edinburgh, Scotland. She made the gorgeous Arabella Rabbit Bag and the Baby Felines (decorated with selvages) that were featured here a while back.

This rabbit decorates the front of her notecard. I just love how the selvage "bits" add a shaggy texture. She used a foam-type adhesive between the rabbit and the card, raising it a little above the surface. Above the rabbit she wrote, "...Arabella had been very busy in the sewing room that morning..." I'm probably wearing a few threads right now myself!

In addition to Arabella rabbit bags and handmade cards, Annette makes baby hares, watercolors, and collages. Take a look at her Etsy store: Thank you Annette for your inspiration.
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Mishkat said...

I love Annette's work - this is so creative! I like the frayed ends effect too.

Vivian said...

I hope you know how many people (like myself) check your blog daily. We may not send you comments all the time, but the originality and fun of all the projects you share with us is much appreciated.

Akiko said...

I love it. It's so cute bunny:)

Annette F. Tait said...

Hi Karen,

I really am very grateful to you for featuring my Arabella Bag and the Baby Felines on your amazingly wonderful site! - and this note of appreciation is my small thanks!

I am not nearly as talented as these quilting cousins! and it is a new notion for me too, quilting, so my strange sewing takes on other odd forms :) and I'm so glad I found a 'use' for my selvedges!

kindest regards,