Sunday, July 26, 2009

An Uplifting Place

This is the cieling in one of the Reading Rooms at the New York Public Library (Fifth Ave. and 42nd Street). Isn't it beautiful? You can imagine how elaborate the rest of the building is, if this is the cieling!

As I admired this I was inspired to be a more artistic quilter, to think "bigger," to reach further. I suspect many visitors to the Library are lifted up in their hearts. I think this would please the creators of this elegant building.


Debbie said...

Oh, I miss that place, Karen! I used to spend a lot of time there, back in the day. So, what were you reading?

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Isn't the New York Public Library and awesome place? It has been many years since I have been there, but I remember the large long rooms with walls and walls of books. They sure don't build buildings like that anymore.

Selvage Quilter said...

I have been looking through books about gardening: winding paths through the woods, rock stair-steps, flowering shrubs, adding an old stone bench to a shady spot with a nice view etc. Just looking for ideas for our new home in the woods in Connecticut. The Botanical Garden in the Bronx is full of inspiration too.

Mary said...

I was just able to run in for a few minutes last fall when we were in NYC. I'd love to have this as my *local library*. I guess I'm pretty lucky to have Minneapolis' central library just 6 blocks from my house but I really, really love old buildings best.

Rita Vermeersch said...

Hello Karen, I just love your Blog.
It gave me an idee to recicle some cloths of my husband, who died two years ago.
Many Regards